Thursday, November 2, 2006


SWILL HOLE- November 2006
Filmed at Hampden Incubator Project Room at The University of Massachusetts Amherst , MA

From the dregs of existence, the sty of the solar system, comes Swill Hole a new work by artist and director Tim Folland which single handedly degenerate the last 100 years of hygiene. Featuring the Paintor, a scrappy and resourceful practitioner of the lost and wayward arts, Swill Hole will be installed and filmed in the Hampden incubator project room during the month of November. The packrat set for Swill Hole is a combination of Parisian artist hovel, Frankenstein like lavatory, nomad's shanty and shaman's cave. Armed with a make shift wine box camel pack of his own design, the Paintor will be working primarily on two homemade, junk yard dog experiments; the recipe for a perfect cup of coffee and a magical wine making apparatus both of which will fuel a roller coaster of work throughout the month.

The following Blog Tracks the progress of the Installation and onsite filming of Swill Hole. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

Today the Paintor and his partner in grime DB (aka Johnny slow fingas aka grampy aka the quiet man) moved into the Hampden Gallery incubator space. Durning the month of November they worked around the clock a dock on two junkyard dog experiments.The first was Mean jo Green the coffee making machine that when completed will be capable of making a perfect cup of coffee (eat your heart out starbucks). The second apparatus is said to be able to recreate Jesus's miricle of turning water to wine.

Chapter 2: No place like Home

Since the last update a lot has happened in the land of swill and swallor. For starts we built a second floor. You could say we are moving up in the world but that just ain't true. The truth is we needed more room for swilling. The second floor is the new home of Café Swill and the mean jo green coffee making machine. Cafe Swill is a great place to get a cup of joe or a punch in the face by jo jo. it just that simple. Also another event worth mention was DB's (the drinking Buddys) assault on the wine making machine. In a desperate attempt to set up the rig the fool almost killed himself and more importantly he almost ruinied any chance he had at getting his swirve on later that night. Despite all of DB's fumbling, tumbling, grumbling and stumble bumbling we also managed to get the swill safe installed. The Swill safe holds our private stock items and illega shit ( fire arms, posion darts, microfilm, fire crackers, stolen evidence, fake documents that type of stuff....yeah know how we roll). So Swill Hole progress is going swilltastic be sure to check back in a few days and we should be more swill than swell by then. Swill Hole forever long live Swillyness.

Chapter 3: What would ya do with a drunken sailor?
The Good news is DB(Drinking Buddy ) got a much needed lonfg awaited bath. The bad news is that he invited his notoriously swillhoundly skanky friend the dirty turkey to join him. Well so much for that idea. These guys just got equally skiddy marked, they basicly leveled the stench between them. Share the wealth right?In the proud and enlightened words of the great DB"nothing like splitting a fifth and dividing the filth at the end of a long night."
As we speak the swill in this place is getting more an more powerful my friend, and though i would like to say i see the light at the end of the tunnel and that the swill will stop I think it shall not. But there are benies to a life of swill, swallor, swag an switch blade life stye living. Here they are in order of importance A. swill hole never has to clean his room. B. Swill hole doesnt have to buy a trash can. C. swill hole doesnt have to look for trouble it is trouble.
Oh oh oh shit anxiety attack. That fuckin coffee is wayywaywaayy to strong. The mean jojo green machine is being fine tuned and for now well just have to suffer heart attacks and heartburn,over doses of sweaty palms and bugged out eyes. So bring your tums cotton gloves and eye patches for now. Free Cpr training on real victms this month only!!!

Chapter 4: Opening day for the 2006 pizza box rat races
We opened the swillery and made a little swaggering room for all you sillyswills to check out the set for swill hole. The air was thick with first time swillers. The cheeses were ripe and we gave the cage a good shake and a run for its money. So if you weren't there that's your tough luck and if you were your probably trying hard to forget what you saw. Between now and December 2-3rd 2006 I will be putting the finishing touches on the nightmare lair of the swill hole and trying to get this pigh stye ready to be filmed. Be on the look out for updates during the filming, we will be giving you insider info on the making of Swill Hole as we make it. Shovel hovel hole ho ho hoddies onward and beyond the reaches of mere humans.

Chapter 5: Lights Camera Action

Since our last look at the swill of the Swill Hole much has changed. We finally installed all the electrical and plumbing, and our central command center RAMBO is up and running. We now have fresh coffee and wine Over the T-Day break the Paintor finally arrived on set and stared Swill Hole straight in the kisser. He walked where no man other than DB has ever dared, right in to the eye of the Swill Hole. One step for man and a step down for mankind. With fearless charm the Paintor has one hand dammed the entire project and brought the level of Swilltasim to new heights. In preparation for the filming of Swill Hole we have taken out the TV Tube which was continuously continued to play "Wall Drawing with a Crow bar", for the last month and thought many of you passers byres got sick of its continence redundancies and excessive excess. I wonder what you'll do without it? What will you do without it? So as the Swill turns, the Loc-ness monster swims and Big foot stomps so does the swill of our lives.

Chapter 6: Pardon me Roy is that the Chattanooga choo choo
Ok drunkards and dip shits get your underwears off your Swilly heads this SKID ROW party is skiding to a hault. We officially closed the swill slop shop yesterday at midnight with a last call for alcohol that lasted 40 days and 40 nights. Just long enough to trick the bar flies into drinking tap water, thinking it was free shots of VODLKA. Now watch your step and your wallet because here wee wee go down the drain into the depths of dukie and disgust. As we speak what was once know as Swill Hole is creeping down the Umass pipes and into the sewers of Amherst,MA. Watch out La la land here we come . Cold night sweating and room spinning where we will up-chucked next no one knows. So clog yur pipes with cement and steal so you wont be next, and rest easy through the holiday season, knowing the only green and red intruder baring gifts will be Mr. Clause and not a stop and go Swill nightmare. Grab a hold of your minds and rip them from the gutter its time to get back to the tame and lame reality of those who know not how to ROCK. The Swill Hole can no longer protect you the Swill Shield is on vacation, and BAFF fucin humberger for that. See you all on the slippery flippery side. Catch yall later alligator. And till our paths meet again. See you when I see you. Not if I see you first. Da da da… da da da…

How to Draw the Human Figure by John R. Grabach
Mission Success! By Og Mandino
Grand Scam by Richard Lipez and Peter Stein
The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel
The Boy Who could enter Paintings by Herb Valen
A Concise Histroy of Painting from Giotto to Cezanne by Michael Levey Common
Sense in POKER by Irwin Steig Getting Organized by Anonymous

Video Credits: Artist and Director: Tim Folland Sound and Camera: Jeff Derose and Scott Sutherland

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